MY PIE: Old Fervale Bakery baker Bradley Gordon with the original Vegemite and cheese pie.
MY PIE: Old Fervale Bakery baker Bradley Gordon with the original Vegemite and cheese pie. Rob Williams

'That's pie idea': Baker cheesed off at Vegemite copy

"THAT'S pie idea."

A Fernvale expert pie baker who pioneered a cheese and Vegemite pie on Australia Day is cheesed off a national company has taken his idea.

Four n Twenty released a Vegemite pie variation this week only months after Bradley Gordon baked the masterpiece in January to commemorate the national food favourite's return to Aussie ownership.

The bakers behind the original Vegemite pie are so confident theirs tastes better, anybody who tries both and prefers the Four n Twenty version will get their money back.

It's not the first time the bakers at Old Fernvale Bakery have been forced to compare their local recipes with national giants as their cheeseburger pie released close to a year ago was also replicated only months after they hit the oven.

Old Fernvale Bakery owner Bill Rose sad he had full confidence in his team's recipe, with pie variations forced to withstand multiple rigorous quality controls before the public could buy them.

"The cheeseburger pies were terrible when (the competition) started to make them. I can't imagine they can do much wrong with a Vegemite pie but it's all in the type of cheese they put in. We have been trying to buy one and do a taste test to find out," Mr Rose said.

"They certainly mucked up the cheeseburger one. Soon after we bought it out they started to sell them. We tried both and thought they had ruined a good pie."

He said the team at Old Fernvale Bakery were well versed in keeping an edge and the competition and their long list of successful pie variations meant they set a high standard to beat.

"We are absolutely confident, we all work together as a team and everybody tastes them and it the staff don't like them we don't make them. Brad has a lot to do to convince us all," Mr Rose said.

"We are happy to give them their money back if anybody compares them and likes the others better but I'm sure I'm safe."

The baker behind the pie, Bradley Gordon, said the original Vegemite pie concept came about in time for Australia Day back in January.

"We thought there is nothing more Aussie than Vegemite and cheese so why not make it into a pie," Mr Gordon said.

"It tastes like a cheese and Vegemite toasted sandwich, that's what I reckon."

He said it was disappointing when another company claimed rights to his work but with his pie portfolio growing rapidly, it would be hard for the competition to keep up.

"I'm going to keep on in my baking ways, we have 165 kinds now so (the competition) can watch us all they like, they won't be able to keep up," he said.

Mr Gordon has baked pies for the last 23 years and with over 200 varieties under his belt, 165 of which Old Fernvale Bakery claims rights to, he has created his fair share of pie masterpieces.

"I really enjoy my job, especially how many pies I get to make," he said

"Butter chicken is pretty nice, veggie stack is really good for a vegetarian pie, it's hard to keep up with. Spicy goat is also good."

Four N Twenty declined to comment.

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