Help raise little George as a Happy Royal Vegemite

A FACEBOOK petition is calling on Prince Willam and Kathryn to raise baby Prince George on Aussie Vegemite, rather than the UK's staple Marmite.

The  petition asks the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge not only to give baby George a taste of the iconic spread on arrival in Australia, but to take it home to enjoy for breakfast, lunch and tea every day.

Vegemite senior brand manager Justin Taylor said historically there's no shortage of Vegemite fans amongst the Royal Family.

"This, alongside the spread's richness in B Vitamins to help start the day, means we're sure the young prince will quickly develop a taste for the right 'mite'," Mr Taylor said.

The unashamed promotional push by Vegemite must just tickle the funnybone of Aussies, which could lead to a massive online petition. 

For those who need convincing, here's five reasons Prince George should grow up on Vegemite:

  • Prince Harry revealed his affinity for Vegemite in 2013, so Prince George may well enjoy the same type of spread as his Uncle Harry. On toast of course!
  • Baby George's own parents, Kate and Wills, enjoyed Vegemite so much they took some home from their last Royal Tour;
  • Vegemite will help keep the rose in George's cheeks - it's a delicious and nutritious start to the day, brimming with B1, B2 and B3 & Folate which are essential for growth and development
  • Vegemite is Australia's most loved breakfast spread and has been a family pantry staple for over 90 years
  • Marmite sucks.

To show your support for the petition visit

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