Protesters make their point at a marriage equality rally outside Sydney's Town Hall on August 6.
Protesters make their point at a marriage equality rally outside Sydney's Town Hall on August 6. AARON BUNCH

Petition against 'No' doctor removed

SOME gay marriage supporters have called for a doctor's medical licence to be revoked after her appearance in an ad for the "No” campaign.

An online petition called on the Australian Medical Association to "review the registration” of Dr Pansy Lai, before the petition was "disabled because of inappropriate content”.

It had attracted more than 6200 signatures on, a site run by activist group GetUp! but not reflecting its priorities or views.

The Sydney-based, Chinese-born pediatrician was one of three mothers who appeared in the Coalition for Marriage campaign ad.

The petition accused Dr Lai of wilfully spreading "misinformation and non-scientific evidence in order to promote the discrimination of LGBTIQ people in Australia”.

The petition read: "The Australian Medical Association has adopted the World Medical Association's Declaration of Geneva as a contemporary companion to the 2500-year-old Hippocratic oath for doctors to declare their commitment to their profession, their patients, and humanity. Dr Pansy Lai has undertaken this oath as part of her registration as a medical practitioner in Australia.

"It is clear that Dr Pansy Lai has misused her privileged position as a medical practitioner in the harmful and hateful 'No' campaign, which is a clear violation of her oath to the Declaration.

"She has used her standing as a medical professional to directly cause harm to the LGBTIQ population, in direct opposition to her ethical obligation to be supporting the health and welfare of people.

"We urge the Australian Medical Association and Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency to investigate Dr Pansy Lai's use of her profession in a public political manner to cause harm due to the serious nature of the breach she has undertaken.”

But Dr Lai did not disclose she was a doctor in the ad.

She was identified by the media after the video aired.

Dr Lai told The Australian her supporters in the Australian-Chinese community were "very alarmed and concerned that someone is trying to destroy my livelihood just because I spoke up for family values”.

The AMA has endorsed the Yes campaign, sparking division among its members.

Coalition for Marriage' Monica Doumit told The Australian such a threat would apply to any doctor who spoke against the Yes case.

"The same-sex marriage lobby has shown, yet again, that it has no interest in freedom of speech,” Ms Doumit said. "The message is loud and clear: agree on same-sex marriage or else.”

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