Patricia Petersen
Patricia Petersen

Patricia wants her own party

SEASONED election candidate Patricia Petersen could be leading her own political party into the Federal Election next year.

The Ipswich woman, who has contested three Federal and two State elections, has applied to register a party by the name of "Australian Independents" with the Australian Electoral Commission.

Dr Petersen most recently attracted 8.8% of the vote when she ran as an independent in the seat of Ipswich in this year's State Election.

She said the party's application had included a list of 550 members, which is above the minimum AEC requirement of 500 members.

Dr Petersen said she formed the party to ensure independent candidates remained "genuinely independent".

"Each Australian Independent will fight in parliament for their electorates, stand up for them, do their job - that's real democracy," Dr Petersen said.

"Australian Independents being a party might appear to be an oxymoron, but we're a party for practical reasons and more of an alliance. We're also not going to accept donations from corporations or unions."

Dr Petersen said she aimed to have an Australian Independents candidate running for every seat in the next Federal Election.

"There are already three people in Queensland, two in New South Wales and another in Western Australia who are lined up to run," she said.

As to whether she herself would contest a federal seat, Dr Petersen said she was undecided, but saw "a need for change in Blair".

She said the benefits of running in a party included mentorship and support within the party, as well as possible public funding and bulk orders of election materials.

According to the AEC, a funding rate of $2.42 per vote is payable if a registered party's candidate attracts more than 4% of first preference votes in their division.

An AEC spokeswoman said the minimum timeframe to process an application for registration was three months.

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