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The Wesley Hospital. Australian Traffic Network

Patients exposed to legionnaires' given all-clear to shower

PATIENTS staying in a Brisbane hospital wing at the centre of a legionnaires' disease outbreak will now be allowed to shower after test results provided the all-clear.

The Wesley Hospital will also start admitting new patients into its east wing.

A 66-year-old east wing patient contracted legionnaires disease last month and died.

Another woman, in another area of the hospital, contracted the pneumonia-like disease shortly after and was placed in intensive care.

The hospital closed its doors to new patients as it scoured its water system for traces of legionella bacteria.

UnitingCare Health executive director Richard Royle received the all-clear test results from the east wing on Tuesday.

He said patients in the wing would now be able to shower after making do with wash kits.

Experts have carried out testing on the remaining hospital water systems with the next batch of test results expected back next Monday.

Dr Royle said an important corner had been turned.

"We have left no stone unturned in our cleansing and treatment regime - the cleansing process has been repeated three times and more than 520 samples taken and tested in the east wing," he said.

"Overall, we have gathered more than 800 test samples across the hospital in a methodical and systematic approach.

"I am very confident we will have the safest, cleanest water of any hospital in Queensland."

Mr Royle said permanent chlorine feeders would be used and regular testing carried out to ensure legionella bacteria could not survive.

The Wesley Hospital is expected to be back to full services, pending clear test results, in two weeks.

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