Paternity row feud

A MAN who was kidnapped and savagely bashed has faced court over the crime he committed that led to his attack.

Henry Joseph Melling, 47, and Allen Bruce Baldwin, 27, stormed Terrance James Murray’s house in October 15, 2008, armed with a rifle.

The two men fractured Murray’s jaw and caused brain damage before bundling him into a boat.

Police stopped Melling and Baldwin while they were towing the boat and discovered Murray lying in it, covered with a blanket and with his hands bound tightly.

Melling and Baldwin were convicted of grievous bodily harm (GBH) with intent in Ipswich District Court last year and were sentenced to 12 years in jail.

They had pleaded not guilty to intending to cause GBH but admitted they caused the injuries. They pleaded guilty to torture and entering a premises at night while armed and in company.

But Melling and Baldwin appealed the 12-year sentence and the Court of Appeal found there was insufficient evidence to prove they intended to cause the injuries.

They are due to face a retrial this year on the GBH charge, and their torture sentence was reduced from eight years’ jail to six.

Ipswich District Court this week heard details of the crime Murray committed to incite Melling and Baldwin’s alleged retribution.

Murray’s ex-partner was heavily pregnant in 2008 but she claimed the child was not his and she did not want him to see her child.

The court heard Murray was angered by the situation and went to his ex-partner’s home at Eastern Heights on September 15, 2008, where he yelled at her and “poked her”.

On his way out Murray, 48, kicked a door, causing $200 worth of damage.

A month later, Murray was attacked at his home by Melling and Baldwin.

Murray, who had no prior history of violence, was due to face trial this week but pleaded guilty instead to two charges of common assault and wilful damage.

He was placed on a $500 good- behaviour bond for 12 months and no convictions were recorded.

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