Bali Nine pair are changed men: Pastor

A SUNSHINE Coast pastor who visited the Bali Nine drug ringleaders on death row said they would be happy to spend the rest of their lives in jail.

Sharon Tan, from History Maker Church at Kawana, met with Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran in Bali's Kerobokan prison three weeks ago.

Her husband Benny, 20-year-old son Alex and 16-year-old son Ezra were with her.

Mrs Tan said she and her family had no doubt Chan and Sukumaran, who could face a firing squad any day, were changed men and should be spared.

"They are transformed, inspirational, amazing men. They have totally repented," Mrs Tan said.

"Andrew has become a pastor in prison.

"The Christians have ordained him and another fellow Indonesian inmate has said he will die for him.

"We've spoken to other inmates in there and they say no one else has his leadership abilities to carry on programs he has started.

"He runs an English class and Myuran is a top artist. The prisoners say he has helped them express their feelings through art.

"They are more than happy to be alive and stay in prison. It seems such a waste of life.

"In Bali, there are prisoners from all over the world, the impact they are having on them being alive is global.

"He (Chan) told us to pray for him as he wants to live.

"He feels his mission and purpose in life is not fulfilled - even if he is there in jail for the rest of his life."

A young Filipino woman who needed a $3000 operation told the family how she had benefited from the generosity of Sukumaran.

"We heard about this woman who needed the operation and my son, Alex, said he would start fundraising when we returned to Australia.

"But when we went back there, she said we didn't need to as Myuran had sold a painting for $3000 and gifted it to her so she could have the operation.

"They are running computer courses and teaching the other inmates - they are teaching so many skills and their programs have only just begun.

"They still have so much more living to do."

But so far all legal avenues have been unsuccessful and Indonesian President Joko Widodo has rejected all appeals for clemency.

Mrs Tan believed it was not too late.

"People need to sign the Mercy Campaign petition online. We need to raise our voices," she said.

To sign the petition visit


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