Bennion's final say: Parking in Ipswich

THERE'S one thing worse than road rage - parking rage.

Finding a parking space on the street or in a crowded shopping centre can be frustrating.

When you are trying to get to an appointment or running late, the blood boils.

We've all experienced it and I'm sure we all have an opinion on the latest council moves investigating paid parking at the Ipswich City Square.

Whatever the council decides, there will be wins and losses.

A parking station can only be a win for the city.

But the best cure for anyone suffering parking rage is to head to Brisbane and try spotting a car park at one of the shopping centres on a weekend, particularly Garden City which is partially closed for construction, Indooroopilly or Toowong or be amazed at how much a parking spot will cost in Brisbane city.

When you're through circling like a shark to find a park and realise there is really no other option but to give up and go home, you'll wish you shopped locally and you'll think of your secret car park you use in town when you can't park right outside the shop you want to go to.

The psychological side of road rage is a worry though and a danger to innocent motorists.

On the weekend I reversed out of a spot close to the entrance at Bunnings to have a car overtake someone waiting for the spot and drive head on towards my car on the wrong side of the road just to get the spot.

The woman waiting for the spot just shook her head but it could have escalated into something nasty or resulted in an accident.

The best response to road rage I've seen was from my grandad.

While stopped at traffic lights the motorist behind him thought he was taking too long to drive off as the lights turned green and started repeatedly blasting his horn and cursing. My grandad made a big production of pulling on his handbrake, getting out of the car and calmly walking up to the driver and asking him what the problem was.

The driver went into a rant saying the lights had changed ... *!#@?. My grandad said, "Oh, is that all. I thought you were trying to tell me there was something wrong with the car."

He then returned to the car as the driver was left to ponder how petty he had been while having to wait an extra few minutes before he could move.

I don't know if that would work these days.

The level of anger and violence is much worse on the roads now, which is the worrying trend.

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