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Paris' party upsets neighbours

PARIS Hilton has reportedly upset her neighbours by throwing a raucous Christmas party.

The socialite held a festive bash last Wednesday night (07.12.11) and the arrival of her guests, thought to be around a hundred, angered the fellow residents of Mulholland Estates in Beverly Hills by blocking the road to and from the community.

A source told "Paris' parties are legendary. She always goes all out. Non-invited guests that were going to visit other people's houses had to wait almost 35 minutes in line on a Wednesday night, just to get into to see the person they were going to visit. Paris does provide valet parking for party guests, and this clogs the streets around her house."

Guests visiting the security conscious Mulholland Estates have to check in at the front gate when they arrive and check out when they leave leading to a traffic jam in the neighbourhood.

The regular "loud parties" and steady stream of visitors are not the only things upsetting other residents.

Many home owners are reportedly unhappy with the criminal element that has been attracted by Paris, with the 30-year-old hotel heiress' property being burgled on several occasions.

The exclusive community houses several other stars, including former Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash, part-time hellraiser Charlie Sheen and the Hot Shots actor's ex-wife Denise Richards, but the other residents don't have any issues with them.

The source explained: "Slash is an ideal neighbour. He is very thoughtful, and a low key person. Slash is a family man, and is very respectful of everyone that lives at Mulholland. Charlie has had his moments of driving his neighbours crazy, but that is usually for a short time, and when the dust settles, things go back to being quiet at his house."

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