'Outrageous drug use' fuelled police biter

AN IPSWICH mother of eight has been jailed after admitting to biting a police officer.

Clearly distressed, Gemmi Sailes, 26, put her hands to her face and cried in disbelief when Ipswich Magistrate Louisa Pink sentenced her to six months' jail. Ms Pink said biting an officer was a serious offence.

"The skin was broken and police had information from your partner he had golden staph and there clearly was concern (by the officer)," Ms Pink said.

"Go on bub. I love you bubs," her tearful boyfriend said as two police officers led her to the cells.

Sailes was also convicted of three offences of drug driving and causing damage to a North Booval rental unit by throwing a jar of Vegemite through a window.

Damage done to walls and floor coverings was also outlined in Ipswich Magistrates' Court.

Gemmi Mckaylia Sailes pleaded guilty to more than 20 charges including fraud, serious assault of a police officer by biting, enter premises with intent, trespass; drug driving, assault/obstruct a police officer, wilful damage, public nuisance, making threats, fraud, receiving tainted property, and wilful damage of a police vehicle.

Sailes was taken through each charge and gave an individual guilty plea to each.

The various offences were outlined by police prosecution and included entering her neighbour's townhouse at North Booval in February 2017 and taking electricity by plugging a power cord into a power socket via a damaged window on a nearby property.

She had trespassed in January 2017 at the Booval police station when she was seen to drive into the carpark in a Commodore and film police vehicles parked there.

She told police she believed they were cars that had been "following her".

She was intercepted by police when driving with methamphetamine in her system at Bundamba in May last year and after having stolen fuel from Caltex Booval.

In an incident at Bundamba last August, Sailes was seen holding a metal tyre lever and smashing a glass window of a trailer causing $745 damage.

She also caused a public nuisance by yelling, swearing and threatening, saying "those c**ts stole my spare tyre..." then yelled "I will be back you c**t".

The most serious offence took place on September 28 when Sailes seriously assaulted a female police constable.

Police were called at 8.20am to Elizabeth St, in Bundamba, with Sailes telling officers to "f**k off". When police attempted to restrain Sailes, she hit the officer with an open hand on the left side of her face, then bit her and left teeth marks and bruising.

On November 20, Sailes kicked another female police officer in the left calf as she was being handcuffed and arrested.

She was charged with causing wilful damage to police property after spitting on the security screen of the police car on the way to the watch-house.

Defence lawyer Richard Zande said Sailes had her last child only two weeks ago and had been engaged in some "unsavoury behaviour" during 2017.

"Her behaviour was the result of outrageous drug use in a short period of time that fuelled her behaviour," he said.

Ms Pink said Sailes had a tyre iron and told police she'd given it to her partner so he "wouldn't bash the victim with it".

Ms Pink said Sailes was 27 weeks' pregnant when she hit and bit the female officer on her forearm. In another incident, Sailes was said to have threatened "to slit the throat" of a person.

Ms Pink said a jail term was appropriate for the serious assault.

Sailes received lesser penalties on the other offences and was fined $1000 for the drug driving offences and disqualified for more than two years.

She will be released for parole on March 16.

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