Outlook bright for engineers

THE outlook for engineers remains bright, thanks largely to the ongoing demands of the mining and resources sector.

According to the latest MyCareer Employment Forecast, the engineering sector continues to grow, thanks to numerous major engineering projects underway.

Positions are growing by 0.7%, but even in this sector growth has slowed considerably under the weight of global uncertainty. However, with a number of large building projects underway, the demand for civil engineers remains very strong.

Reflecting the very strong growth in the mining sector, the number of mining engineers has doubled in the last five years and is still growing strongly. Positions for electrical engineers have softened.

A major constraint in the growth of the engineering sector is a shortage of suitably skilled candidates. The main exception is with chemical engineers, although even in this sub-sector there is a shortage of specialised chemical engineers.

At the state level, engineering positions are growing strongly in NSW and Victoria. Thanks to the rebuilding effort after the recent bad weather and a larger mining and resources sector, positions in Queensland are also increasing.

Positions in South Australia are a little weaker, reflecting a slower economy there. In Western Australia, engineering positions are weaker after a strong year, although mining engineering positions are still growing. Any lack of growth is more a reflection of the difficulty in finding suitable staff.

With the economy gathering pace, the mining sector strong and the construction sector recovering, the demand for engineers will continue to grow.

The EMDA model is forecasting that engineering positions will be growing at 4.2% p.a. by November 2012, which will lead to worsening skills shortages in the sector.

To explore current engineering career opportunities, visit www.mycareer.com.au/engineering

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