OUR SAY: No hope for real tax reform

THE whole tax reform debate in Australia seems to be quickly disintegrating before it has begun.

Prompted by the federal government, the reform process has promised much but so far produced little more than hot air.

Consideration of tax changes is still ongoing according to Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison, but as every day goes by those of us who hoped for some meaningful change are becoming more and more disheartened.

Call me naive, but I had hoped for a debate above the normal political bunfights with real ideas put forward for debate and consideration.

As yet, the government has produced little and can't seem to overcome its own internal divisions between those willing to consider new, changed or increased taxes and those who only want spending cuts.

Quite why they can't make proposals for both escapes me.

On the Labor side, it seems to be negative gearing changes and little more.

The negative gearing proposal is at least worth consideration, but on its own it is like one soldier putting his head up above a trench and not expecting the enemy to open fire.

For Labor's plan to have any hope of surviving it needs to be surrounded by other policies to produce more income and reduce spending.

The opportunity for change is disappearing fast.

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