Brett Kitching
Brett Kitching

Gillard admires Ipswich's resilience, and rightly so

THE Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard found time again last Thursday to visit our city for a breakfast at the Ipswich Turf Club. Despite a hectic schedule of visiting four different capital cities over the previous four days, the Prime Minister was pleased to make another of her regular visits to Ipswich.

The main reason given by the Prime Minister for visiting the City of Ipswich so often was that she felt right at home amongst the people of Ipswich who she summed up with the word resilient.

The city of Ipswich is known to the PM as a community that recovers from adversity as with the floods of 2011, and gets working together to build strength and bonds among the community - a community that the PM feels completely at home in.

The same can be said for the overall Ipswich business community.

Firstly there was the GFC, and then the floods of 2011, financial and natural disasters that could have ruined the spirit of the most resilient of business communities. The business community of Ipswich however continues to strengthen and bond.

Conditions in Ipswich are relatively strong in comparison to other regions. As talk in other parts of Australia last week, was of axing of jobs such as with Ford in Victoria and Railcorp in NSW, Ipswich remains as one of the fastest growing regions in Australia with low unemployment and a growing population.

The Prime Minister did point out that the difficult economic times in the USA and the debt crisis in Europe continue to constrain Australia's economy to a degree.

However Ms Gillard was quick as well to point out the positives of a resurgent Asian economy and resultant expected rebound in the mining sector in Australia.

The Prime Minister also went on to explain that there is an expected swelling of the "middle class" of Asia, which will have a positive impact on Australia which is an important part of the Asia.

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