INSTEAD of snuggling up to an owner who loves her, Charlie the cat has spent the past 280 days behind glass at the RSPCA Wacol Campus.

Longingly, she lies watching the constant stream of people walking past her tiny window every day.

Some might stay for a few minutes to ooh and ah, but in the end, they always continue walking.

This is the case for hundreds of animals who temporarily call the RSPCA home after being surrendered. But Charlie is a special case.

The two-year-old has spent nearly all her life patiently waiting for the day when someone would come in saying they want to adopt her.

While some animals get adopted quickly, for others, people pass them by.

Sadly, many were surrendered at a young age, and know nothing about life outside of their small pen.

Some have called the RSPCA home for more than 200 days, equating to more than six months at the centre.

Toodie, the 11-year-old American short hair cross domestic short hair holds the record for the most days spent at the centre.

Toodie has been in RSPCA care for a whopping 590 days.

An RSPCA spokeswoman said they could care for animals as long as they need, but would much rather see them cuddling up to someone who can provide them with the loving home they deserve.

"Currently across RSPCA Queensland shelters there are 875 pets looking for a new home, many of whom have been here longer than we expected," she said.

"We have everything from dogs, cats, guinea pigs, snakes, birds to farm animals, and they're all patiently waiting for the right owner to come along.

"We'd love to see our long-term guests getting their second chance sooner."

If now is the time for you to add another edition to your family, head on down to the RSPCA Wacol Campus, located at 139 Wacol St Rd, to make a difference to an animal that has so much love to give.

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