LETTERS: Our council workers deserve some praise

JUST want to draw attention to some positive actions of a couple of Ipswich City Council workers who went the "extra mile" to help a couple of Ipswich residents.

One worker got out of his truck and rescued a couple of dogs from a busy road where they were in imminent danger of being hit by traffic.

He took the time to secure the dogs until help arrived.

The other employee was approached, also while driving a council waste services truck, by a lady asking for his help as there was a small possum being relentlessly attacked by birds.

This gentleman also alighted from his truck and rescued the possum for this grateful lady.

Residents are quick to complain to council if one of these or other employees accidently knocks over a bin, for example, but do they ring up when one does a kind deed for them?

These men do a great service for our community with very little appreciation from the public, but a lot of hindrances, like cars parked in front of the bins, etc.

I hope this makes us a little more aware and appreciative of the services these people provide us with, come rain or shine, public holiday or not.



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