Oscar de la Renta 'unwell' for Clooney wedding dress fitting

OSCAR de la Renta was in a wheelchair at Amal Clooney's wedding dress fitting. 

The legendary fashion designer passed away earlier this week and Amal's mother Baria Alamuddin has revealed how he admitted he was unwell while at a fitting for the wedding dress he'd created for her daughter's recent wedding to George Clooney.  

Quizzed on whether he'd attended all of Amal's fittings, Baria told BBC World Service's Newshour: "Yes he was, he was in every fitting and he was actively involved. I remember one time we walked to the fitting and he, we almost came into the design studio together, and he was on a wheelchair.   

"My heart went out to him and he said, 'I haven't been well, I was in the hospital'. And basically he walked in with us and walked out with us."  

Baria confessed that she, Amal and George will treasure the memory of sharing their special occasion with the 82-year-old designer - whose cause of death is yet to be determined - and knowing that Amal's stunning lace gown was the last he'd created.   

She added: "It really gave it that extra place and pleasure and of course this is going to remain with us all our loves and that, that was the last wedding dress that he had designed."  

Oscar, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2006, appeared alongside Amal in a photo of their final fitting - which was published in the October edition of Vogue magazine - and appeared to be in good health, despite his underlying issues. 

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