OPINION: Jets BRL side does us proud

IT IS hard enough to make one grand final, let alone two in a row.

Just ask the Brisbane Broncos.

Which is why the Jets BRL side did a stunning job to reach consecutive deciders.

They won the premiership last year and lost gallantly in golden point extra time to Redcliffe on the weekend.

It is a tribute to the culture, ability and camaraderie of the squad that they were able to do so.

I must say that the decision by the NRL to have 10 minutes of old fashioned extra time, before going into golden point, is the way of the future for finals across all levels.

The theatre of Friday night's 26-20 semi-final win by the Cowboys over the Broncos was second to none.

It is the way players and coaches would prefer it to be.

There is nothing worse than seeing a final decided by a field goal or a penalty goal in the 81st minute.

The full lot of extra time, as we saw in the 1989 grand final won by the Raiders, makes for unforgettable displays of courage and skill that are what what the game is founded on.