Drunk man armed with knife lucky he wasn’t shot by police

A DRUNKEN man who rushed a policewoman with a knife was lucky not to be shot when the constable drew her gun.

Police had been called to a Toowoomba residence on a report that Shane Francis Hudd, 29, was smashing up the home of his aunt where he had been staying after his release from prison.

The two officers walked into the yard about 9pm to find Hudd at the front door yelling to them "F*** off with that torch you dogs", Toowoomba Magistrates Court heard.

Told to move away from the door, Hudd was seen to be holding a kitchen knife and was warned he would be tazered if he didn't comply with police directions.

He then approached the constable with the knife and she fired the tazer.

However, he was able to cut through the wires of the tazer and continued his approach toward the policewoman who drew her firearm, the court heard.

A male constable intervened with his tazer drawn and shouted at Hudd to get on the ground and, fortunately, he complied and the policewoman re-holstered her gun.

Hudd had then struggled with police as they tried to handcuff him.

The court heard Hudd had only been released from jail on parole 15 days before the incident and he had been returned to prison after this April 13 incident.

He appeared by video link from the prison to plead guilty to charges of serious assault of a police officer, obstructing police and wilful damage.

His solicitor, Claire Graham, said though her client had spent time in jail in the past he had no previous offences of violence.

A psychologist report of her client tended to the court showed he had some mental health issues and that alcohol had proved a problem for him.

Her client admitted to drinking four litre casks of wine a day during that time and he had been drunk on the night, Ms Graham said.

Her client acknowledged the incident would have been a terrifying experience for the officer concerned, she said.

Magistrate Graham Lee sentenced Hudd to six months in jail on top of his current term but ordered he be eligible to apply for release on parole as of October 18.

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