Offender's knuckleduster story fails to convince police

A MAN who told police a set of knuckledusters was a belt buckle has been fined.

Carllin Tony Lee Oxenbridge, 28, yesterday pleaded guilty at the Ipswich Magistrates Court to possessing dangerous drugs and unlawfully possessing a category M weapon.

At 10.50am on July 17 this year police executed a search warrant on Oxenbridge's Collingwood Park home.

They asked Oxenbridge if there was anything he wanted to tell them about, causing him to lead the police to his bedroom.

There they found a set of metal knuckledusters on a TV cabinet at the end of his bed.

He told the police the brass knuckles were the buckle for a belt, but when asked to point out the belt in question he pointed to two belts with buckles attached to them.

The court heard Oxenbridge then told police about a metal lock box next to his bed. Inside the box police found 80 seeds.

When asked about what the seeds were he told the police "plant seeds" before eventually admitting they were cannabis seeds.

The court heard he continued to claim the brass knuckles were a belt buckle to police.

Magistrate Michael Quinn told Oxenbridge he was "sure you can find better belt buckles" than the metal weapon. He was fined $800.

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