Nurofen customers to share in $3.5m after class action

AUSTRALIANS who bought a range of Nurofen products between 2011 and 2015 could be entitled to a slice of a $3.5 million settlement after it was targeted by a major class action suit.

Bannister Law reached the deal with Nurofen manufacturers Reckitt Benckiser on Wednesday.

The cash will be shared among customers who bought Nurofen's "Specific Pain Range" by an independent party.

The Nurofen
The Nurofen "specific pain" range

Anyone who bought the products between January 2011 and December 2015 can then register for payment.

The company sold an estimated 5.9 million units of the products at 8500 outlets across Australia.

The deal is yet to be approved by the Federal Court.

The call for customers will also be rolled out in newspapers in coming weeks.

In a statement, Reckitt Benckiser apologised to customers "who may have been misled by the Nurofen Specific Pain Range packaging".

The company added it wanted to make sure customers were "appropriately and swiftly compensated".

The range of products -- which were advertised as targeting back pain, period pain, migraines and tension headaches -- were found to be identical to its standard and cheaper line of Nurofen.

The company was fined $6 million for misleading conduct by the Federal Court after the ACCC an earlier fine for being inadequate.

Register as an affected Nurofen customer here

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