Adani sign being put up on Telstra building in South Townsville. Picture: Zak Simmonds
Adani sign being put up on Telstra building in South Townsville. Picture: Zak Simmonds

North Qld group accuse Byron Bay council of Adani 'hypocrisy'

Byron Bay Shire has been challenged to demonstrate its green credentials after espousing "morally and ethically bankrupt platitudes" over its opposition to Adani.

The northern NSW council has ruffled feathers by resolving not to do business with firms involved with the Indian company and calling on other councils to do the same.

A group, North Queensland Citizens Alliance, led by former Herbert MP Ewen Jones, has hit back, firing off a letter to the council, asking them to back up their rhetoric with real action and show what they have done to curb emissions.

The letter seeks copies of resolutions condemning exports of coal from Newcastle and the sourcing of coal-fired power, resolutions banning vehicles manufactured by burning coal, the banning of people having fires and refusing grants from governments that collect coal royalties.

"It is these sort of measures, inflicted on one's own community, which impresses us in the North," Mr Jones wrote.

"We understand just how easy it would be for one town or council to simply impose a morally and ethically bankrupt platitude on another community of Australians nearly 2000km away from them and deem that what one sees as important should automatically be of the same importance to the other."

The Bulletin approached Byron Shire Council, asking if it was hypocritical to ban relationships with firm involved with Adani and not oppose coal exports from Newcastle.

Mayor Simon Richardson provided this response: "The main difference between Adani and (mines) that exist currently (is) that now we don't need a new coal mine. Currently there are thousands of jobs waiting for Queensland and indeed already in the pipeline in the renewables sector. Why create harmful jobs when smart ones are available?"

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