Nothing brings out the little kid like Christmas

FESTIVE FUN: We seniors are still full of yuletide fun even after all these years.
FESTIVE FUN: We seniors are still full of yuletide fun even after all these years. Julia Whitwell

DEAR Santa,

I bet you do not get many letters from Senior Citizens? Seniors like to be thought of at Christmas time as well. So why shouldn't we write to you? I know that it is a bit late to be writing but I am sure that in this modern world you will get it in time even though there are only two sleeps left before you visit us here in Ipswich.

I want to check if I am on your "nice" list as I have been really nice all year. Well, most of the year. I just don't want to be on your naughty list because you leave coal for the naughty people and, well to be honest, we still have plenty of coal in Ipswich. We just are not mining it, that's all.

Apparently, seniors get somewhat crotchety with age. Not that I have noticed that mind you. But I am sure you understand what it is like because you are very, very old. Much older than any of us. I remember you asking me a long time ago to keep smiling and to remember my special Christmas memories. Well there have been so many that I can't recall them all.

First up, I want the same as I asked for last year; a fat bank account and a slim body. Unfortunately last year you got the two mixed up.

Remember a couple of years ago you gave me a new hip. Well I am happy to report it is doing well...and the knee replacements you helped me get. Thanks. Unfortunately, now I have to nearly get undressed at the airport every time I go through security.

You keep telling little people to leave milk and cookies out under the Christmas tree. No wonder you have put on weight with the number of houses you visit. I am sure you are aware that as we get older we get up during the night more often. So, if I run into you when you are delivering I will more than likely not remember it in the morning.

But I still look out of my window to the north on Christmas Eve to see if I can view the flickering twilight which may be you in your sleigh dashing through the sky.

Yours sincerely,

Ipswich Seniors.

PS. Have a very merry Christmas everyone and may the New Year be a fruitful one.

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