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Note to ABC: Please leave Spicks alone

SPICKS and Specks was well and truly past its use-by date when it went off air - but can the ABC revive a dead horse with the help of some fresh blood?

I have always been more of a RocKwiz man myself. However, there is no denying the all-round family appeal that Spicks and Specks had during its heyday.

Most of that was to do with the chemistry between the host, Adam Hills, and team captains Alan Brough and Myf Warhurst.

Even after keeping the same personnel and roughly the same format for six years, the leading trio didn't become unbearable so much as a bit tired. After six years, good old Spicks and Specks had lived and died.

There's no shame in that either, for it was a good life, punctuated by solid ratings and Logie Awards and spin-off TV jobs for Hills, Brough and Warhurst.

News this week that the ABC planned to bring the show back with a new host and two new team captains was met with mainly negative feedback, from what I could gather.

There is certainly merit in the argument that you can do more harm than good by trying to breathe new life into an old favourite - just look at Hey Hey It's Saturday and It's a Knockout.

In the same way, I fear the old Spicks and Specks concept just isn't up to the rigours of the cut-throat, modern television environment - with its botox and steroids and designer tattoos and fake breasts and complete lack of any point.

Nevertheless, I would be willing to give it a chance, so long as they come up with some fresh ideas in addition to the fresh blood.

If I can offer one suggestion, the new Spicks and Specks needs to incorporate more whistling into its format.

Whistling is an underrated art form. As one of the most readily available and easiest to play musical instruments, it also one of the most underutilised in modern music - thanks mainly to the current breed of useless hipsters being too obsessed with making little blippy noises with a computer.

And don't even get me started on the Aria Awards.

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