Not enough action in wake of live-baiting scandal

IT HAS been a year this week since the explosive ABC Four Corners live-baiting exposé, and what has the dog racing industry done to clean up its act? Precious little.

It's hard to believe it cannot see the writing on the wall, even after dozens of trainers were implicated in the barbaric torture and killing of live animals to train greyhounds. Even after the bodies of 55 greyhounds were found dumped on a reserve at Coonarr, allegedly after being shot by their trainers. Even after it was revealed that 18,000 "surplus" racing greyhounds are killed every year, and hundreds more are sent to Asia where all of them will ultimately be killed.

Even after all of that, the industry still claims that it can "govern" itself and is opposing the Racing Integrity Bill, which would set up a commission to stop some of the industry's most egregious abuses.

The racing industry has had plenty of opportunities to implement reforms. Instead, it has chosen to point fingers and make excuses. PETA urges everyone to stay away from the tracks.



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