A QUEENSLAND woman said she thought she was going to die after decorating her house in 'Yes' memorabilia backfired in a violent confrontation.

It comes as police warn residents in South Brisbane to be vigilant after four properties, all with rainbow flag memorabilia, were vandalised across the weekend - some with Nazi paraphernalia.

Olivia Hill, 22, along with her housemate Larissa Baldwin, say they "covered" their house with signs advocating their support for a Yes vote in the same-sex marriage postal survey.

But a confrontation on Sunday night with a man who turned up to the house to hurl expletives including, "you f**king f*ggots, you f**king p***ters", left Ms Hill "frozen with fear".

"I was so scared, I thought, 'this is it, this is how I die at the hand of a homophobe'.

"I thought he was going to barge into our house and kill me.

"I thought, 'I'm going to die, just be really quiet'. I thought if I'm quiet the dog will wake everyone up if something happens to me.

"I grabbed my phone but I was just frozen."

Ms Hill, who is bisexual, was home alone when the man arrived at the residence at approximately 11.30pm, Ms Hill said.

"My room is at the front of the house and then I heard a man yelling, 'what the f*ck is this shit, you fucking fa***ts, you p***ters'," Ms Hill told news.com.au.

"Then I heard a bang so I got up to see and heard another bang."

The house sustained damage after the man, dressed in black, smashed a hallway window and a spare room window with rocks.

Three other houses close by also received serious damage, with one woman returning to find "swastika graffiti on her fence and business signage", according to authorities.

Two others were vandalised with Nazi paraphernalia.

"There was glass from the shattered window, it was so forceful, the room was scattered, the glass was everywhere."

In a post to Facebook, Ms Hills' flatmate, Larissa Baldwin said "knowing how harmful this whole postal vote is for many, we really just wanted to make a positive statement of solidarity to cut through the ugliness".

But she described the violence the pair have since encountered, including "someone screaming out the f-word as they walk by, some angry screaming guy trying to rip the yes sign off the fence and another guy with a vote no sign standing next to our mailbox in peak hour".

"I'm so angry, this is so f**ked," Ms Baldwin wrote.

"But to be honest this violence doesn't compare to what many people within the LGBTQIA community have gone through - at the end of the day this is a house, not a person."

Officers are investigating whether the properties were directly targeted as all four had rainbow flags flying at the addresses, Queensland police said in a statement.

- Anyone who may have witnessed suspicious behaviour in the area between the hours of midnight on Saturday, September 23 and midnight Sunday, September 24 is urged to contact police.

- Share your story - youngma@news.com.au

Originally published as 'I thought this is how I'll die'

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