IS THERE really something out there - or in there? Is it real or is it fake? Or is it just a ploy to sell more alcohol?

The Rosewood Hotel has now been visited three times by Haunted Australia, a team that researches and investigates potentially haunted locations.

The third and last time was on Saturday and lead investigator Kade Jones left with no doubt "there is definitely something there".

"There's no question," Kade said.


> > Ghost hunters back at Rosewood Hotel to raise the spirits

> > 100 years of ghosts and beers

> > Is hotel being haunted by ghostly "orbs"?

"If people want to say we're full of s--t, good luck. We take no prisoners. We packed the place with cameras and other gear. We had gas meters and even a radiation detector. We've never been to a place and had so much gear."

Rosewood Hotel owner David Pahlke has always said the pub has three spirits - one an old lady often seen on the back veranda, another an African-American soldier who was shot dead in the back in the pub during the Second World War.

The third is Rusty the water ghost he first encountered when he bought the pub in 2002. The other significant event was the fire in 1914 that destroyed the previous Rosewood Hotel.

The first Haunted Australia visit was marked by camera equipment inexplicably not working and other photo images turning purple for no apparent reason.

"The second time we picked up a figure walking out of the bar," Kade said.

"There was an orb upstairs that appeared upstairs. I showed it to a camera company and two CCTV companies and they couldn't explain it.

"Then at one point a glass was flung off the bar and into the wall on the other side.

"Also, the power went off in the whole hotel except the room we were in. The emergency lights came on.

"The emergency lights were weird. They went on at different times and that's not possible; they're all on the same circuit."

SPIRITED SEARCH: Crews from Haunted Australia have visited the Rosewood Hotel again in search of ghosts.
SPIRITED SEARCH: Crews from Haunted Australia have visited the Rosewood Hotel again in search of ghosts. Contributed

Kade said his team also noticed "smells around the stairs".

Kade said the visit on Saturday night was marked by a strange encounter.

"While I was going around with our medium, we had three camera guys, myself and the medium in one room. I had my back to the door and I was telling her about the water ghost and a figure passed the door.

"We got it on camera," he said.

"I went outside; it was no more than three seconds before I jumped up and went out and had a look.

"There was nothing in the passageway, there was no one in the room next door, there was no one on the back balcony, there was nothing at all.

"The weird thing about it, the astonishing thing, was that in the room it was roughly 23C but when you went out into the passage, you felt it drop to nearly zero degrees. " It was freezing."


Soon afterwards, he said, he felt it warm up again.

"We learnt 100 per cent on Saturday that definitely the more people you take in there the less chance you have," he said.

"We got the smells again which this time we did have from a sponsor some very expensive gas testing gear.

"It actually did get a reading and came up with isobutylene. Where that's coming from, we have no idea.

"People on the street in Rosewood said to us it is rumoured that things happen at 11.30pm.

"What the significance of 11.30 is, I've got no idea. But at 11.30 Saturday night, on the dot, orbs started flying around everywhere, which we caught on CCTV.

"We will be using this to compile a group of episode to promote to Channel 10 and several other overseas networks. This will be the first in a series."

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