With four women killed in three days, SHERELE MOODY says it might be an uncomfortable time to be a man, but it's a scary time to be female in Australia.

IT'S a scary time to be a man.
American president Donald Trump lamented the situation of men this week, claiming blokes' lives are at risk because of "false" sexual abuse allegations and the like.
There is no doubt men are feeling pretty uncomfortable  thanks to #MeToo providing a huge public platform for women to hold sexual assailants and harassers to account.
But you know what's really scary? Life-threatening even?
Being a woman in Australia.
Four women have been murdered here in three days.
Yep. You read that right. Four female lives lost to violence in three days.
On October 3, a woman's body was found in a park at Hunters Hill in New South Wales.
Media reported that her hands were bound and a "dog collar" was around her neck. Police are yet to identify this victim and no one has been charged.
Also on October 3, police charged a man with murder following the death of 46-year-old Gayle Potter.
Police allege the mother-of-three's former husband deliberately ran Gayle down with a car at Traralgon in Victoria.
Overnight in the Northern Territory, cops took a man into custody after a woman died from assault wounds.
This morning a mother was found dead in her home at Bellambi, New South Wales. Her five-month-old baby, thankfully unharmed, was near her body. Police are searching for a male known to her.
There is no doubt that it has been a bloody and horrific few days in Australia.
It has also been a terrifying year for women in our country with 60 adult females now lost to an act of murder or manslaughter since January 1.
Eighteen children have also been killed in that period.
Men have been charged, or are suspected, in 69 of these killings and domestic violence relates to 68 per cent of the deaths.

Four women have been killed in Australia in four days.
Four women have been killed in Australia in four days.

These figures should disturb all Aussies  - from Prime Minister Scott Morrison to you, the person reading these words.
If the violent deaths of 78 women and children is not a national catastrophe, what the bloody hell is?
I've said it before and I will say it again - Australia has a massive problem with male violence.
Like it or not, it is the responsibility of all of us to turn this around.
We can throw billions of dollars at the issue, we can build thousands of refuges, roll out countless respectful education programs, force every abuser to complete behaviour change programs and legislate tougher sentencing options.
But none of this matters if the underlying disrespectful attitudes towards women do not change.
Feminists, anti-violence activists, domestic abuse professionals, academics and other woke folk have been having this conversation for decades.
We say the same damn thing every time a woman or child is killed, knowing of course that we are essentially preaching to the converted.
The war on women will continue unabated unless every single person in this country takes a stance against violence.
Until then, we will continue mourning grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, nieces, colleagues and friends.
Maybe the next victim won't be connected to you. But maybe she will.
If losing someone you love to another person's violence is not enough to make you act, what will?
It might be an uncomfortable time to be a man, but it's a very scary time to be a woman. - NewsRegional

News Corp journalist Sherele Moody is the recipient of the 2018 BandT Women in Media Social Change Maker Award and has multiple Clarion and Walkley Our Watch journalism excellence awards for her work reducing violence against women and children. She is also the founder of The RED HEART Campaign and the creator of the Femicide Australia Map.

For 24-hour domestic violence support  call the national hotline 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732.

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