No change to Seqwater plan in face of weather event

THE Bureau of Meteorology has a current forecast of thunderstorm activity across the state, including severe thunderstorms with damaging winds and heavy rainfall.

At this stage there is no prediction of significant rainfall across the catchments that would change the dam outlook Seqwater provided on Monday.

Seqwater have no plans in the next seven days to operate the gates at Wivenhoe Dam, Somerset Dam or North Pine. But will keep a close eye on the weather and will update residents if anything changes.

Low flow releases are continuing from Somerset and Wivenhoe dams as part of Seqwater's Dam Improvement Program.

The releases to lower both dams are occurring at low rates from cone valves to minimise any impact on the community. There are no expected impacts to downstream bridges or crossings.

The water level of most of the dams remains high, with the combined storage level of our 12 key dams at 90.0% today.

Wappa Dam is now spilling and outflows have reached a level where they may be a potential hazard to the safety of people and property downstream of the dam.

Take extra care downstream of the dam as potential hazards could include fast flowing or deep water near waterways and floodplains.

Sideling Creek Dam is the other un-gated dam currently spilling.

You can get the latest dam level updates on our website at

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