David Glinster
David Glinster

Night comp is next initiative

TENNIS Ipswich president David Glinster has plenty to be excited about as he prepares to get married this weekend.

Marrying partner Sonja at Casuarina Beach, near Kingscliff, on Saturday will briefly take his mind off his other love, tennis.

However, with David and Sonja's honeymoon planned for Wimbledon next year, tennis will quickly return as a central focus in their lives.

Having helped set up the historic Tennis Ipswich Saturday competition, Glinster was keen to take a leadership role, backed by a progressive committee and nine supportive regional clubs.

Several weeks into the united senior and junior format, Glinster is thrilled with what has been achieved by teamwork.

"The comp is going really well," Glinster said.

"There's a few tiny issues here and there in terms of evenness but that's to be expected with a new comp.

"Next season, after this one is finished, I think it will be even better again."

Saturday is the final round of fixtures before the Christmas break.

Competition will resume in late January.

Glinster said the region was benefiting from having an increased number of teams playing in a united competition.

He said the standard and numbers were rising and juniors were gaining better opportunities.

However, the Tennis Ipswich president is already looking at another major initiative in the new year - a night competition.

"That's our next step," Glinster said.

"It will probably start the end of January, to kick on from the Australian Open and all that sort of tennis on telly.

"We're trying to find a night that suits everyone."

Glinster said a night competition would cater for players, especially adults running around after their children, who were unable to commit to a Saturday series.

"I was actually impressed with the response from the other clubs," he said.

"This new concept, everyone is very keen. That's a good sign that they want to progress.

"And weather-wise, it's the time to play."

A new focus of the night competition will be pitting clubs against clubs at one venue in a three or four-member team format.

"A whole team goes, so it's more team-orientated, more people on deck, which has never been done," the Ipswich Grammar School head coach said.

"At the last meeting I put it to them how to do a different sort of comp and they're all 'let's do it', so that was fabulous."

Glinster said a night competition would continue the region's tennis resurgence under an incorporated body.

"Everybody's on deck and this one (current competition) is going well," he said.

"Fred Daniel is doing a good job organising this one and everyone's happy."

As for his wedding, Glinster is thrilled to be marrying Purga-based Sonja, who started playing tennis after the couple met three years ago.

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