Nick Kyrgios ban should include Australian Open: Readers

Nick Kyrgios's ban: Too harsh, Fair or Insufficient?
Nick Kyrgios's ban: Too harsh, Fair or Insufficient? WILL OLIVER

It is a good thing for rising tennis star Nick Kyrgios that our Facebook readers don't have any say over the men's game. If they did, he wouldn't be playing in next year's Australian Open.

That was the overwhelming verdict of the majority of posters when we asked them what they thought about the ATP banning the young Australian until January 15 2017.

The sport's governing body slapped the penalty on Kyrgios following a controversial outburst and lack of effort during the Shanghai Masters last week.

It's not the first time that he has found himself on the wrong side of the regulations, often clashing with fans as well as opposite players, where he infamously told Stanislas Wawrinka that his girlfriend had slept with another player on the tour.

We asked our readers if the ATP's punishment was too harsh, fair or insufficient and that he should also miss out on the Australian Open.

Of the more than 60 replies on the post, 57 people felt that he should be banned from next year's opening Grand Slam.

Jessie Thomson wrote: "He has proven time and time again that he isn't up to being a good representative of Australia," with Madonna Marsh adding: "Maybe then he will learn to have some respect for the game he plays."

Others felt that even a ban including the Australian Open was insufficient.

Jan Pointer wrote: "The ban should be for at least 12 months until he learns how to be a grown up." And Jennifer Haslam wanted more: "He should have been banned for five years! He sends the wrong message to our kids!"

But that wasn't the worst of it.

Larry Barrow wanted him booted out altogether: "We don't need this type of person representing Australia, he's had way to many chances," a view echoed by Paul Bennett and Chelle Lewis, with Cherrie Jacqueline adding: "Lifetime ban - he's caused too much trouble already."

In the entire poll there were only two dissenting voices.

Monica Jordan felt the ban was too harsh and Kyle Gillespie wrote: "People actually want to watch the tennis when this guy is on court."



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