Premier Campbell Newman
Premier Campbell Newman Brenda Strong

Newman supports Coalition's paid parental leave scheme

FEDERAL Opposition Leader Tony Abbott's assurance that Queenslanders will see no net cost for taking part in his $5.5 billion Paid Parental Leave scheme is good enough for the state Premier.

Premier Campbell Newman on Tuesday threw his support behind the scheme, which would see working mothers receive 26 weeks full pay, capped at $75,000 in six months, and superannuation.

The Coalition says it will leave a woman on an average $65,000 salary with $32,500.

Mr Newman told Parliament the state would contribute to the plan through sourcing funds from the Queensland-paid parental leave scheme.

"Nothing will be cut because we already have a scheme for the members of the Queensland public service," he said.

"What will happen in the future is they will have a choice.

"They can continue with the current scheme or they can take a far superior Abbott-Coalition Scheme because they care about women who want to go and have their kids and offering a better deal.

"All that Tony Abbott is asking is that we simply provide the funding that would have gone to those people under the existing state scheme.

"What we can assure and I will make my commitment today is on the basis of no net cost to the taxpayers of Queensland."

The Coalition will impose a 1.5% levy on about 3000 Australian businesses with taxable incomes over $5 million to help pay for the paid parental leave plan.

The levy will be offset by a 1.5% company tax cut.

Labor criticised the Coalition's scheme's costings and compared its benefits to the Schools Kids Bonus, which the Coalition intends to scrap.

"I don't know if you've studied the detail of this but Mr Abbott, his belief in a fair go, his belief in a fair go is that a certain select group of families over there should be given $75,000 worth of Paid Parental Leave," Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said at a Brisbane press conference.

"$75,000 over there to that select group of families while ripping $15,000 out of the pocket of 1.3 million families with the School Kids Bonus. Do you think that's a fair go for all?"

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