New trees to be planted in flood ravaged Ipswich area

NEW trees will soon be planted at Sapling Pocket, an area where major flooding has caused significant erosion.

The plan is to plant about 40kg of trees across the flood plain along the Brisbane River at McMullen Rd, Pine Mountain.

The revegetation is part of rehabilitation works to ensure the area, significantly affected by erosion during the 2011 and 2013 floods, remains stable and reduce the risk of flood damage in the future.

Ipswich City Council is calling for tenders from contractors capable of ensuring at least 80% of the trees planted are alive and well by the time the project is handed over in April 2020.

In the tender documents, the council says the project is expected to start in February and will last for three years.

The council's offer includes strict conditions that the contractor does not disturb the river rock layer "as this forms a protective armour which prevents erosion when floods take place".

"(The) contractor is not to drive plant or equipment into the river bed," the tender documents state.

Sapling pocket has previously been identified by the council as a key tourist area and attraction. 

Already the peace and serenity of the Sapling Pocket conservation area attracts thousands of visitors each year and is closely protected by the council. 

Tree species preferred by the council;

  • Bottlebrush
  • Sheoak
  • River Gum
  • Mat Rush
  • Themeda
  • Acacia

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