New seasons offer chance to bolster participants and network

POSITIVE experiences from sport should not only result from participation but also from the nature of the experience.

In the hands of the right people with the right attitudes, sport can be a positive, character-building experience.

Coming into a new season, there will be a whole new group of younger children entering structured sport for the first time.

This may also bring new volunteers from new families.

It is a good idea for clubs to help newcomers and ensure they provide a welcoming experience of the sport.

There are a few principles which, if followed, can assist coaches, parents, instructors, teachers and administrators involved in leading, supporting or managing sport and recreation opportunities for children and young people.

Generally, children want to: have fun; improve their existing skills and learn new skills; be with friends or make new friends; be challenged; experience success; and become physically fit and healthy.

Keep these values in mind and ensure that your volunteers have access to information on providing safe environments for children in sport.

More information can be found at the AIS Junior Sport Framework,


Encouraging volunteers

ONE of the most common reports from sporting (and community) clubs is that there are never enough volunteers.

How do we find them, how do we keep them and why is it the same people committing their time each year?

We are hoping to help clubs overcome these hurdles by creating a culture of volunteers.

This information session will provide information on volunteer empowerment and training, volunteer management and volunteer retention, recognition and reward strategies. We all need volunteers to help achieve goals so let's start getting people to put up their hand to help.

Hear from Sports Community, who are experts in the sport and recreation sector and hopefully make your job easier.

The session will be held at the North Ipswich Reserve on Thursday, March 5, from 5.30pm until 7.30pm.

For more information, visit the Sport Ipswich website or register your attendance by emailing


Get active outdoors

IPSWICH has many walking and biking trails to explore the outdoor areas and is home to over 500 parks and reserves.

A number of maps can be obtained for the trails for family outings or join in on a group event to explore the city.

The Switch Bike Co have organised a social mountain bike ride on Saturday at Blackstone Hill.

Anyone who is interested can meet at the Mary St carpark at 7am to kickstart your weekend with a ride.

More information on trails can be found on Council's website, or contact your local club.

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