New rules at pre-polling

The ECQ has introduced new rules for election materials and have ramped up their efforts in a bid to stem the spread of coronavirus at the polls.

An ECQ Spokesperson today said that there were some major changes at some pre-polling booths in Ipswich.  

"After the government changed the rules to say that everyone needs to be observing social distancing, the main area that we had was not big enough to accomodate for everyone so we moved the Ipswich City Council pre-polling to the Ipswich City Council Auditorium at the front of the Humanities Building," he said.

"Where the Ipswich City Council pre-polling booth was is now where the Bundamba State by-election pre-poll is.

"We have set up chalk lines so that everyone can see where they are supposed to be standing.

"We have also changed the way we deal with how-to-vote cards.

"How-to-vote cards are now on a board for people to look at and they're no longer being handed out.

"Candidate workers are not on site at the moment as well."

THE ECQ  on March 19 issued a general direction about election materials, however as a result of the decision made by the National Cabinet yesterday the ECQ has had to revise a new direction about the distribution of how-to-vote cards and election material.

The new specific changes will directly affect Ipswich City Council and the Bundamba by-election. 

The ECQ hereby directs:

• All persons are prohibited from canvassing for votes or distributing how-to-vote cards or election material at a polling booth. This applies to ALL polling booths in Queensland;

• All persons must abide by the social distancing rules for gatherings of less than 100 people;

• All persons attending a polling booth must maintain hygiene standards, in accordance with Queensland Health guidelines;

• All persons must not shake hands, or attempt to shake hands, with electors as they are entering or waiting to enter the polling booth;

• If candidates, political parties, or other electoral participants wish for their how-to-vote cards and/or election material to be available to electors, the material must be provided to the booth supervisor. The material will be displayed at the polling booth, in a way deemed appropriate by the booth supervisor. 

• Candidates, political parties or other electoral participants must not interfere or remove how-to-vote cards or election material once they are displayed by the booth supervisor or other ECQ staff. 

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