Rachel Nolan
Rachel Nolan

New roles for Nolan

OUTGOING Minister for Transport, Ipswich MP Rachel Nolan, has nominated the controversial QR National privatisation as the most significant economic reform in a generation.

Unions stridently opposed the Bligh Government’s sell-off of Queensland Rail assets.

“It’s put the State in a better financial position today and I’m proud of it,” Ms Nolan said.

“I’m a Labor MP and I got into politics to make a change – to help create sustainable communities, to ensure ordinary working people get a fair go.

“I always believed politics was the most direct way to contribute to society and I still believe that.”

In Premier Anna Bligh’s Cabinet reshuffle, Ms Nolan has been shifted from the transport portfolio – a position she’s held for about two years – to take on the role of Minister for Finance and the Arts.

Ms Bligh said the creation of the Finance portfolio meant Treasurer Andrew Fraser would be able to focus on consolidating the State’s budget, and its economic and trade relations to drive Queensland’s economy. Ms Nolan said she would miss the transport portfolio.

“It’s a diverse and interesting portfolio with nearly 20,000 transport and QR workers doing great things every day,” she said. “We expanded the size of the public transport system, and we’re building a lot more public transport infrastructure.

“In the new role I’ll assist with the Queensland Budget, run a number of the government-owned corporations and play a greater economic role.

“I’m very thrilled about it.”

The new Cabinet will be sworn in this morning at Government House.

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