BIG HONOUR: Dignitaries showed their support for the official opening of Faye Carr Park in Ripley. Aunty Far Carr is pictured second from the right.
BIG HONOUR: Dignitaries showed their support for the official opening of Faye Carr Park in Ripley. Aunty Far Carr is pictured second from the right. Contributed

New park named in honour of an Ipswich icon

THE opening of the brand new regional park named after Ipswich Indigenous elder, Aunty Faye Carr, represents the ambitions of developer Sekisui House to lead the way in delivering significant recreation parkland and green open space whilst acknowledging the contributions of significant community leaders.

The new park is centrally positioned within 'Lighthaven', the newest neighbourhood in the rapidly expanding Ecco Ripley community.

Locals who are fortunate to live within this newest neighbourhood will experience a sense of unrivalled connectivity to this park and play scape, which is within easy walking distance from every home.

This adventure playground is designed to meet the social and recreational needs of the whole family from toddlers to adults, with everything from swings, slides, zip-lines, seesaws, a full-sized outdoor gym, half netball court, learn to ride track, giant interactive snakes and ladders play space and interactive sun dial.

The park was carefully designed to provide a rich and challenging environment for children to create dreams and engage in all forms of playful exciting activities.

The new park however, is not just for kids. It also provides the opportunity for adults and parents to develop informal networks, with plenty of open space for picnics, family football matches and an undercover seating area for special days and gatherings.

I have already heard calls for weekly local basketball matches to be piloted from the full size multi-purpose court, also suitable for soccer.

If physical activity is the goal of park goers then the full size gym is sure to provide a satisfying challenge. The LED park smart lighting will also ensure that the space is safe to utilise all year round, by our full time and shift workers who need flexibility in their day for recreation.

The orange and green shade sales which are also a feature in the close by 'Pebbles Park', the regional dog park and playground, also delivered earlier this year by Sekisui House, are like a colourful stamp on the region that says "stop here for some serious fun”.

Our friends and families who live throughout Ripley and travel along Ripley Road have reported the gasps of excitement and wonder, coming from children in the back seat of cars, who have followed the parks construction. The 'sneaky' pre-official opening look-see has become a local tradition and added to the increasing excitement as the official park opening date was announced.

The completion of the custom made, rocket ship inspired climbing frames which are hard to miss, led to a crescendo of children requesting that the park be the location of their next birthday events, and inspired a local naming of the park as the 'Rocket Ship Park'.

The formal naming of the park, Aunty Faye Carr, was actually carefully considered and an example of the detail that Sekisui House put into planning infrastructure that is meaningful and everlasting.

Aunty Faye Carr, a Yuggera Elder from Ipswich, has worked tirelessly in her local community for over fifty years and has been instrumental in establishing indigenous community organisations, and sits on boards with the commitment of improving the health and wellbeing of the Ipswich community, especially its young people.

Division Three Councillor Kerry Silver, who was instrumental in the naming process adds that "naming the new park after Aunty Faye Carr is in perfect synergy to Aunty Faye Carr's beliefs in establishing safe and healthy opportunities for young people to connect with family. She is an icon in the Ipswich and wider community, and the park will provide the space for generations of children, families and community members to celebrate her name and remember her achievements”.

The children of Ripley who have waited with baited breath for their park to open, will in the coming months explore and come to learn every piece of equipment and develop their favourite spot to play. They will make memories here that they will one day be able to share with their grandchildren, including remembering fondly the day the park opened, and that they were there when the park was built and were there to witness the official naming ceremony of indigenous elder and community leader, Aunty Faye Carr and listen to the story of her significance.

Our friends and families that call Ripley home now and into the future are a part of the changing face of the Ripley.

History is being made in this foundational time by contributors such as Sekisui House who are not just committed to building quality and affordable housing, and connected communities, but a sustainable infrastructure that will last for generations.

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