New motorway will be toll free

THE Mains Road Department and both sides of politics have categorically denied plans to put tolls on the Ipswich Motorway.

The State Government department and candidates were responding to claims by independent candidate for Ipswich Patricia Petersen.

Dr Petersen said the ALP and LNP had plans to toll the motorway.

She said that if elected, she would fight "tooth and nail" to stop the motorway being turned into a toll road.

"The answer is quite simply no," a Transport and Main Roads Department spokesman said.

"Transport and Main Roads has no plans to toll the Ipswich Mwy.

"It's part of the national highway network. We manage upgrades, operation and maintenance of the road on the Federal Government's behalf."

There are no tolls on the national highway network.

Member for Ipswich Rachel Nolan was more dismissive of Dr Petersen's claim.

"This is about as plausible as Ms Petersen's promise to build a 10 minute bullet train between Ipswich and Brisbane," Ms Nolan said.

LNP candidate for Ipswich Ian Berry said he had spoken to Dr Petersen about the issue at the start of the election campaign.

"At the pre-polling she was saying, 'They are putting a toll on the Ipswich Motorway'," Mr Berry said. "I said: 'You can't say that; what do you base that on?'

"She said: 'Because I wrote to the ALP and the LNP and they haven't responded.' That was the basis. She also said they were laying wires down.

"I said: 'Patricia, that's nonsense. It's a federal road and the state cannot put a toll on a federal road.' This is just policy on the make."

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