New measures focus on important animal welfare

ANIMAL welfare has never been a bigger issue in greyhound racing than now.

Control body Racing Queensland has seen the need to vamp up the scrutiny of welfare for greyhounds.

The extra resources don't come cheaply but are a must do in the present climate.

The decision has been made to fund the new measures by a levy on prizemoney of five percent statewide.

If you're a "glass half empty'' thinking person, you'll say that's a setback.

If you're a "glass half full'' person, you would say that the levels of prizemoney in this state are high anyway and five percent off the top will be reasonably painless.

The starter's subsidy, often referred to as an unplaced rebate, has been halved from $40 to $20 per runner. The levy will generate approximately $1.6 million per year.


Rosy situation

THERE'S racing at Richmond in New South Wales tonight.

It's a major provincial venue, as is Ipswich here in Queensland.

Geographically, Ipswich and Richmond are similar, in so far as they are approximately the same distance from the CBD of Brisbane and Sydney.

A comparison of prizemoney between Richmond tonight and this weekend's Ipswich meetings shows that, even with the new welfare levy, things are still pretty rosy here.

First prize for a maiden win at Richmond is $830. At Ipswich today, a maiden winner gets $1165. Tomorrow night at Ipswich, a maiden win is worth $1330.

A shortcourse fifth grade at Richmond is worth $1080 to the winner.

At Ipswich, it's $1500 today and $1820 tomorrow night.

A middle distance fourth and fifth grade at Richmond earns the winner $1500.

At Ipswich it's $1500 today and $2160 tomorrow night.


Winning draw

TRAINER Glenn Smith, of Park Ridge, was the winner of the 250 Club draw at last Saturday night's Ipswich race meeting.

Smith picked up $1200 for his $10 outlay to buy a ticket. Smith had one runner on the night, Pipeline Dream who won race nine, so he went home with a perfect score.


Auction series launch

THE heats of the Magical Auction Puppy Auction race series commence at the Ipswich Showgrounds tomorrow week.

There will be two nights of heats, then semi finals and a final of $47,500 to the winner on Saturday night, April 4.

Pups sold through the 2013 Ipswich puppy auction are eligible.


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