NEW BUSINESS: Mum, daughter team up in 'glamorous' venture

TUCKED away within the hustle and bustle of North Ipswich is a refuge lined with hundreds of metres of tulle, thousands of crystals and years of a mother and daughter's hard work and passion.

There are few shops like Beautiful Moments Formal and Bridal in Ipswich after other formal wear stores closed down and another burnt down in April.

Maryanne and Megan Einam have swapped working in the family trucking business for the glamorous life and are filling the gap in the Ipswich formal wear market in the process.

The racks are lined with more than 350 bridal and formal gowns in sizes from 0 to 40 and colours and patterns to suit any occasion, preference and body shape.

"I've always wanted to have a bridal store because I've had some really horrible experiences personally going in to buy a wedding dress and leaving crying," Maryanne said.

"I decided I wanted a store where any size shaped woman can come in and feel really comfortable. Being a bigger girl myself I had to deal with that all my life.

"We definitely carry a lot of plus sizes but I tell all the ladies the tag is only a number and we'll definitely find something for them to wear.

RED CARPET: Maryanne and Megan Einam showing off some of the Beautiful Moments Formal and Bridal gowns.
RED CARPET: Maryanne and Megan Einam showing off some of the Beautiful Moments Formal and Bridal gowns. Emma Clarke

"My aim is, whether they buy a dress or not, when they leave they'll feel better about themselves than when they came in the door."

She said weddings and formals were an important part in a girl's life and one she loved being a part of.

"It feels absolutely amazing to be part of the process where girls can find their dream dress and in the right size," Maryanne said.

"People can't believe they have their dream wedding dress to wear."

Megan said they focused on offering a wide size range to make sure anybody could choose a dress straight off the rack.

"When I was formal dress shopping it was a real struggle to find any more than two dresses on the rack.

"It's nice to have more you can choose from so we've tried to keep it consistent in sizes so everyone has equal opportunity to find something they love," Megan said.

Beautiful Moments

  • Open Tuesday to Sunday at 16 Lowry St, North Ipswich.
  • Sizes from 0 to 40 in formal and bridal styles.
  • Custom appointments are available and walk-in customers are welcome.

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