WET CELL. William Betham was arrested for public nuisance at a popular Ipswich pub.
WET CELL. William Betham was arrested for public nuisance at a popular Ipswich pub. Ross Irby

New dad's big night ends in a cell

A BIG night out for a new dad ended with his arrest and time in the watch-house after he caused a headache for security at an Ipswich hotel.

William Betham didn't help his cause when he then urinated on the cell wall.

Prosecutor Bronson Ballard told Ipswich Magistrates Court police had been called to the Racehorse Hotel, Bundamba at 11.15pm with a complaint about an intoxicated male refusing to leave and hitting cars in the carpark.

The report stated one person had to help the man off the road.

Mr Ballard said officers arrived to see Betham sitting in the garden.

He was incoherent and was given a bottle of water but threw it at police, then stumbled towards the road.

He was warned and told to sit down near the police car but was not compliant.

"An officer asked if he was okay and he said 'what the f--- do you think?'" Mr Ballard said.

Betham, a meatworker, was arrested and taken to the Ipswich watch-house.

"He was in a holding cell at 1.20am where there is a urinal toilet built in," Mr Ballard said.

"He was intoxicated and asleep on the floor.

"He stood to face the wall and began urinating.

"He was told to use the toilet but ignored that, laid down again and fell back asleep."

William Shanell Betham, 25, from Sadliers Crossing, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to committing public nuisance in the vicinity of licensed premises at Booval on April 21; failing to leave licensed premises; obstructing police; and doing wilful damage to police property at 1.20am on April 22.

Mr Ballard told Magistrate David Shepherd there was no cleaning fee involved.

He said fines for the offences included $630 for failing to leave licensed premises and $750 for causing public nuisance within the vicinity of licensed premises.

Mr Shepherd said Betham had no previous criminal history, and asked him what happened.

"I rarely drink. To be honest, I blacked out... and I don't remember throwing the water bottle," he said.

"Swearing, yes. I remember waking up at the watch-house."

"And refusing to leave the hotel?" Mr Shepherd said.

"I remember that," Betham replied.

Mr Shepherd said his behaviour was not acceptable and publicans who sold alcohol had to ensure people were not getting too intoxicated.

He said Betham was behaving badly and yelling, and urinating on the cell wall was poor behaviour.

"I hope when you heard the police facts that you did not think, God that was a good night," said Mr Shepherd.

"No," said Betham.

Betham was fined $1000 with no conviction recorded.

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