Kerri Speyers.
Kerri Speyers.

New business opens doors to empower women

LIFE coaching helps people identify meaningful goals and strategies to help achieve goals.

Life Choices Coaching is a new Ipswich service born out of passion and life experience.

Business motto Live Your Best Life epitomises owner Kerri Speyers’ outlook on life.

Life Choices Coaching is aimed chiefly at midlife women, but the practice welcomes all people.

“I have always been heading in this direction; moving into life coaching is a natural progression,” Ms Speyers said.

“Life coaching takes a look at where the person is. People know what they don’t like about where they are in their life, they just don’t know how to get where they want to go.

“We get stuck in our belief systems; it might have worked for us in the past but it just doesn’t fit now.”

Ms Speyers said she believed our childhoods defined us. The early years of our life set patterns for the rest of our days.

Life Choices Coaching assists people to find a better life.

Ms Speyers offers a range of services, one-on-one empowerment coaching sessions, self-care workshops and retreats, and events. These take place in leafy Pullenvale.

“I see so many people who are living a mediocre life,” Ms Speyers said.

“My work is about empowering people. Some clients are experiencing anxiety or depression and I see major turnarounds in their lives. It is rewarding.

“Life coaching is very well accepted in America. It is relatively new in Australia.

“It is very successful as an approach to help people.”

Ms Speyers said a common challenge for people was the art of saying “no”.

“I believe it is a big issue, particularly for women,” Ms Speyers said.

“We get told women are all about being sugar and spice and all things nice.

“If a man in the work environment takes a lead, they will be seen as a strong leader. A woman is a ‘b----’ if she does the same.”

Ms Speyers said women sought to please because the maternal instinct kicked in. The challenge was often that the needs of both sexes were not met. Repeating patterns hurt people.

Ms Speyers is a certified practitioner in Time Line Therapy, Matrix Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and hypnotherapy. She is also an mBit coach and practises emotional intelligence for teams.

“I have extensive experience in reprogramming behavioural patterns. These patterns keep us on autopilot and stop us achieving our fullest potential,” Ms Speyers said.

“It is never just the one thing. Together we explore options. This coaching approach provides accountability.

“It is important to care for ourselves and reach our potential. I’ve been there.”

Ms Speyers said had found great freedom in her own life and used her skills so people found a fulfilling life.

Find Life Choices Coaching at on facebook or call 0405 971 871.

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