Neighbours offer help amid coronavirus pandemic

The current climate in the country has forced people indoors for their own safety – self isolating to stem the spread of coronavirus, however, one couple in Springfield Lakes has been brave enough to go doorknocking around their local community to make sure people are okay.

Siamak and Vicky Mohajerin have been residents of Springfield Lakes for more than ten years and decided to reach out their community when coronavirus started forcing people to self-isolate.

“My wife and I were talking to each other about everything that was happening with coronavirus and said how awful it would be for people to self-isolate if they had no way of getting supplies, they needed,” Mr Mohajerin said.

“We decided in the event someone in our community does go into isolation we would safety help them out in whatever way we could.

“We have been door knocking and keeping a safe distance from people but letting them know if we need help or if they need help, we are there for them.”

The spread of coronavirus has gradually kept rising everyday with more cases of people infected being reported every day.

Mr Mohajerin said although the coronavirus pandemic had so far had a negative impact on the world, he said he had experienced some positives from the experience.

“This kind of thing has all really connected everyone together, I guess there is this feeling that we need to take care of everyone else and not just ourselves.

“Although the purpose of these visits is to make sure everyone has help if they need it, we have been able to meet and say hello to our neighbours who we may have never met otherwise.”

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