Neighbour bashed over drink

A MAN savagely beat his neighbour after a three-day alcohol binge because he would not have a drink with him.

Leslie Glen Warren, 61, had been drinking for three days when he walked to his neighbour’s caravan at Esk and invited him over to his van.

When the 66-year-old man declined, saying he wanted to finish reading the newspaper, Warren became enraged.

Ipswich District Court heard Warren punched the man in the face several times through the window. He then walked into the man’s caravan and began punching him in the face again, despite his victim asking, “Would you please stop hitting me?”

Warren said no and kept talking about the victim coming over to have a drink, so the older man agreed, thinking it would stop the onslaught.

While the victim put on his shoes, Warren became impatient and threw a table outside.

Back at Warren’s caravan, the victim was invited to sit down and punched again while being offered a drink.

The man accepted and was handed a drink, which he was allowed to sip and put down, but the punches then resumed despite his pleas for the assault to stop.

Warren held two butchers knives to his neighbour’s throat and said: “I could cut your throat, easy as anything”.

After this threat Warren left and went to get another neighbour, telling them, “You better come over here with me”.

The shocked neighbour called triple-0. Warren was arrested and admitted to the assault.

The victim suffered extensive facial injuries including a fractured eye socket, broken nose, bleeding behind his left eye and some bleeding to the brain.

Crown Prosecutor Kathleen Christopherson said the assault on December 27, 2009 was “brutal and unprovoked” and would have been terrifying.

“It was mere luck that the complainant got off as lightly as he did,” Ms Christopherson said.

Warren pleaded guilty to two charges of serious assault of a man aged over 60, entering a dwelling with intent, wilful damage, deprivation of liberty, threatening violence contravening a requirement and obstructing police.

He was sentenced to 18 months jail and will be released on parole on May 28 this year.

Defence barrister Geoff Seaholme said his client was a Vietnam veteran and had since resolved his alcohol addiction.

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