Need to show Adani the door

AS ANY fair dinkum Aussie knows, the only possible way we can get these Labor and Liberal governments to do what we want, is to write a note and pin it to their forehead with a six-inch nail.

The problem is, that their minders might fail to see the joke, as you pound a six-inch nail into their sculls.

Still, the strategy is sound.

Coal seam gas mining in Australia has to be urgently shut down and that Indian multinational, Adani, needs to be conclusively shown that they're not welcome here to start the biggest coal mine in Australia.

Pollies might have minders, but the traitors who work for the multinational CSG companies and Adani, don't.

I suggest fair dinkum Aussies, black and white, have a quiet chat with them and suggest they resign if they work for these companies.

Indian imigrants should be asked to get their rellies back in India to make trouble for the vile, ugly, family behind Adani, over there.

No violence, or we're no better than our enemies.

Just make sure they get the message.

Up close and personal.

If we make doing business here too hard, these multinationals might get the message, and stay away.



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