AN ENORMOUS hive housing 40,000 bees has been removed after it threatened to create the wrong kind of buzz at an Ipswich bride's wedding.  

Ipswich councillors Paul Tully and David Morrison, who moonlight as beekeepers, removed the hive in a "military operation" ahead of a wedding at the weekend.  

The ceremony would have been held just metres away from the hive, nestled two metres off the ground at a Springfield Lakes park.  

Cr Tully, who has been involved with bees for 55 years, said it was the most difficult removal of his career.   

It is estimated the open-air hive has been in the tree for three years, with about 40,000 bees calling it home. 

 Cr Tully smoked the Italian bees before the hive was successfully lowered into a prepared box and the tree branch cut. 

"It's very rare for a swarm just to establish itself in a tree out in the open," he said.

 "We are ready anytime on any mission, especially if it allows a bride and groom to celebrate their special day."  

The amount of poor dad jokes almost matched the number bees, as the councillors removed the hive.  

"There has certainly been a real buzz amongst the wedding party about this swarm," Cr Morrison said.   

"We were glad to help out the bride by relocating the swarm and help remove the sting out of any pre-wedding jitters the bride may have.   

"We wish the newly-weds a sweet honeymoon."

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