National Tally Room no longer in operation

THE National Tally Room will not be in operation for the upcoming federal election, or any in the future, saving taxpayers $1.2 million.

Electoral Commissioner Ed Killesteyn said the NTR now played no role in the actual delivery of election results and essentially provided a visual backdrop for the media to conduct their election broadcasts.

"A number of television broadcasters have traditionally anchored their election night broadcasts from the NTR.

"I have confirmation that none of the television networks intend to host their 2013 election coverage from the NTR. Notably, this includes the ABC," Mr Killesteyn said on Tuesday.

He said the $1.2 million cost of running the NTR on election night had become "very hard to justify".

Results are instead delivered online to the media and the wider community through the AEC's website, as they have been for some time.

"The networks' decision diminishes the NTR's perceived role as a focal point of the election, and has caused me to consider carefully its residual purpose," he said.

"I acknowledge there is a good deal of history attached to the NTR as a Canberra institution.

"However, I have decided that a $1.2m outlay purely based on an historical legacy is not a sufficiently strong reason to continue operating the NTR."

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