Names of 10 drink and drug drivers in Ipswich court

A DRIVER intercepted behind the wheel when about to visit a jail was found to be driving with the drug ice in his system.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Rose Molinaro told Ipswich Magistrates Court Derek Turner was intercepted at the Ivan Lane car park outside the Borallon Correctional Centre at Ironbark on September 2.

His saliva tested positive to methylamphetamine but he was allowed to attend the centre's muster area to do a visit.

Derek William Turner, 57, from Camira, pleaded guilty to drug driving (methylamphetamine) at the Correctional Centre in Ironbark on September 2.

Turner told the court he worked as a casual truck driver. "It was a terrible mistake. I need a licence to earn a living," he said.

Fined $500 - sent to SPER, he was disqualified three months.

Kristy Anne Laws, 26, from North Booval, pleaded guilty to drug driving (cannabis) when on a provisional licence on the Warwick Road at Yamanto on September 30. Fined $350, she was disqualified three months. Laws was told that she was not eligible for a work licence because she was on a provisional licence. But magistrate Tracy Mossop said she understood many court-disqualified drivers were using Uber to get to work.

Brett Philippe Alexander, 42, from Goodna, pleaded guilty to drug driving (methylamphetamine in his system) at Rosewood on April 11. "It was just a stupid, foolish thing to do. It's not a thing I normally do at all. A bit out of character really," Alexander told the court. He was fined $400 and disqualified two months.

Timothy Grant Butel, 38, from Churchill, pleaded guilty to drug driving when on a probationary licence at West Ipswich on August 14. Butel thanked the court for previously allowing him to adjourn the matter after he pleaded so he could take his child to a medical appointment for a needle. "I'm here to deal with it. I thank the court," he said. When the magistrate noted his prior offending Butel said: "I have tried to clean up my act since I had children. As you can see I've been a bit of a bad boy. It's a work in progress." He lost his licence three months and was fined $350.

Kyle David Dean, 31, from Redbank Plains, was fined $800 after he pleaded guilty to drug driving at Bellbird Park on July 29.

Jason Troy Fishburn, 39, from Brassall, pleaded guilty to drug driving (methylamphetamine and cannabis) at Ipswich at 10.25pm on July 26. Fishburn told the court the loss of licence at the time for work had been a big inconvenience. "You're not taking very good care of your licence. You have a poor traffic record," said magistrate Virginia Sturgess. However, Fishburn replied that it "happened for a reason. It woke me up to a new lifestyle". Ms Sturgess said he had no priors for drug or drink driving and fined him $500 and disqualified his licence one month.

Allan Robert Lawler, 50, from Wacol, pleaded guilty to drug driving at Redbank on August 24. He lost his licence one month and was fined $300.

Paul Bjarne Micheelsen, 38, from Redbank Plains, pleaded guilty to drug driving at Toowoomba on August 4. Fined $800 and disqualified one month.

Gabrielle Ruth Palin, 20, from Redbank Plains, pleaded guilty to drink driving at Springfield (.108) on October 6. Prosecutor Sgt Rose Molinaro said Palin was intercepted at 2.30am and told police she'd been drinking Canadian Club whisky. "It was a stupid decision. I don't have an excuse for what I did that night," she told the court. "It was a one-off. Never do it again." Palin was fined $600 - sent to SPER and disqualified three months. <QM>

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