Musketeers end season on top

AT THE end of the Brisbane Major League season the Ipswich Musketeers sit comfortably at the top of the table.

In the final round of the regular season, the competition leaders took on the last-placed Padres at Redcliffe.

Despite an unassailable lead at the top of the table, and a guaranteed home semi-final, the Musketeers refused to take the foot off the gas.

On Friday, the Musketeers defeated the Padres 6-2 and then backed up again today with a 6-2 win in what could be their last away game of the season.

If the Ipswich side can win next weekend it would mean a week's break while the preliminary final is played between the winner of third and fourth and the loser of the Musketeers final.

The win would secure a home grand final at the Tivoli Sporting Complex in front of an Ipswich crowd eager to see the Musketeers take the BML title.

Musketeers captain Josh Roberts said his side would relish the opportunity to host a semi-final.

"We just want that win next week so that we can get a week off before the grand final," Roberts said.

"The finals are best of three and after playing two games throughout the season it is a bit more draining on the players.

"You get that week off to rest up a bit and hit the final fresh."

The Musketeers will feel confident they can close out the finals after finishing at the top of every category on the Major A league.

The Ipswich side only lost seven games all season (from 29 games), almost half the number of their closest rivals, Royals (13 losses) and Redsox (13 losses).

The semi-final action hits off at Tivoli Sporting Complex on Friday night, followed by the second game on Sunday. A third and final decider is available on Tuesday.

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