BRUTAL DEATH: Amanda Quirk
BRUTAL DEATH: Amanda Quirk

Murder trial told Amanda was tortured

A WOMAN has described how her flatmate allegedly tied up Amanda Quirk with duct tape before torturing her and then beating her to death.

Rachel Narelle Smith, in a police interview played in Brisbane Supreme Court, claims Christopher James Swan, 39, made her clean up the mess in the Ipswich home and threatened to slit her throat if she told anyone. She said Ms Quirk had complained the duct tape, which Swan had wrapped around her feet and hands, was cutting blood flow to her fingers.

Smith said Swan applied a lighter to her fingers, commented "Now you can feel your f***ing hands, can't you?" and later stuck a hot cross bun in her mouth.

She told police she watched Swan beat, kick and jump on Ms Quirk's head until she stopped breathing.

Swan, through his recorded police interview, will today tell the court a different version - claiming Smith, 40, used a heavy object from the kitchen to kill Ms Quirk. But he did admit he dumped the 32-year-old's body down an embankment off a highway at Drake, near Tenterfield in northern NSW.

Swan also admitted he used Ms Quirk's ATM card, after her death, to withdraw $500 for speed which he shared with Smith and Michelle Anne Mondientz.

The jury heard Mondientz, whose evidence could be critical in the jury's decision, is already serving time behind bars for her role in Ms Quirk's ill fate.

It was the eve of Easter, 2010, when Ms Quirk went missing.

Smith and Swan told Ms Quirk's family they had last seen her heading out to a nightclub.

Crown prosecutor Ben Power told the jury Mondientz was a long-time friend of Quirk while Smith and Swan lived with her at 21 Dudleigh St at Booval.

He said the jury would hear the four of them went on several trips to Wynnum, in Brisbane's east, in search of the drug speed during March 31, 2010.

Mr Power said Mondientz was angry Ms Quirk had told people she was back working as a prostitute and had also raised a "rumour" Ms Quirk had arranged to have Smith and Swan "injured or killed". He said Mondientz punched her friend in the head before the car stopped in "in an area of secluded bushland".

"There had been a joint, brutal assault upon Amanda Quirk that involved [all three]," he said.

"Mondientz's evidence is that the most violent of the three ... was Swan, that his violence included putting a rope with a noose around Amanda Quirk's neck and taking her off into bushland before dragging her back."

Mr Power said Mondientz would allege all three were involved in the violence, Smith would claim she had no involvement while Swan would say the two women delivered the assault. He said the jury would need to decide what actually occurred during that assault and what happened when the group returned to Ipswich.

Mr Power said it was "clear" Ms Quirk died in the Dudleigh St house and that Smith and Swan were the only other people present. The trial continues.

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