11-year sentence for mum who prostituted five underage women

A WOMAN who prostituted out five underage women over a five-year period didn't deserve the maximum penalty according to the judge.

Korrina Ann Crabb, 32, was sentenced at the Ipswich District Court to 11 years prison after pleading guilty to multiple charges including five of procuring prostitution of a young person and more than 40 counts of indecent treatment of a child under 16.

Crabb, a mother-of-two, neither of whom she has custody of, befriended the five girls, one as young as 14, and groomed them to engage in prostitution.

While none of the girls were physically threatened, victim impact statements tendered to the court said they felt pressured into sleeping with the clients. The court heard, despite knowing they were underage, Crabb told the male clients the girls were over 18.

Crabb, who was also prostituting herself at the time, introduced the girls to sexual acts by making them watch her with clients and then pressuring them into performing acts with and later without her.

She used internet and telephone services as well as her own Facebook page to advertise the girls and to hire them out to clients.

Eventually she would take the girls to see clients at her house, or she would take them to see clients in hotels, houses as well as bushland and at a water tower. One client even took one of the girls on a weekend trip to northern NSW, while one of the girls fell pregnant during that time.

Crown prosecutor Caroline Marco was calling for Crabb to be given the maximum sentence of 14 years prison, however, Judge Sarah Bradley ruled that as the operation wasn't an elaborate, commercial operation, it didn't warrant the maximum.

"It cannot be said this was a commercial enterprise of any sophistication," Judge Bradley said.

"This was not a case of a calculating enterprise run by a manipulative woman.

"(These circumstances) do not warrant a sentence of the maximum."

The court heard Crabb often received payment for the sexual services of herself or the girls in cash, drugs and alcohol. The girls received little payment.

The court heard there was no indication of how much money was made by the operation.

A report from a neuropsychologist said Crabb suffered symptoms of a post-traumatic stress disorder and from low intelligence.

Crabb, who has already spent more than two years behind bars on the charges, was sentenced to 11 years' prison.

She will be eligible to apply for parole in July 2015.

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